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Promoting & Connecting People Passion Purpose

International ComePassion Coach Institute

4 Coach Certification Options:

  1. Advanced Coach Training Intensive
  2. Experiential Coach Seminar
  3. 12 Week Personal & Wellness Coach Certification
  4. Become a Coach Seminar 

Coach International ComePassion Institute

1.  Advanced Coach Training Intensive

This training intensive is for coaches currently in business and those that are in process of building a coaching practice.  It does not matter if you are full time or a part time coach.  All will find value from this training.  Simply stated – people need coaches and coaches need coaches.  You will walk away with some rich new concepts to incorporate into your business, discover all of you & applying into what you are creating in business, and allowing past to launch you into your present & future.  Have you wanted to add another dimension to your business such as speaking, writing, you name it, you can do it.  Offered in a 2 hour intensive $65 and a 4 part series $400.

CEU credits available.

International Coach Institute ComePassion

2.  Experiential Coach Seminar

This is the first ever experiential coach seminar.  This seminar will launch you into the business of your dreams, help you identify potential blindspots that might be holding you back in business and discover a new source of significance in who you are as a coach.  Seminar begins Friday 7-10pm and Saturday 9am-6pm.  Cost is $195.  Complimentary to partners and members.

CEU credits available.

Institute ComePassion Coach International

3.  12 Week Personal & Wellness Coach Certification

Are you currently a coach desiring new material?  Or are you looking for a group that is building a community of coaches that are likeminded using their gifts and talents to create a global organization helping people discover significance and finding an inspiring vision for their life, business and well being.  It might be time to consider joining us.

Coach ComePassion International Institute

4.  Become a coach. 

Join us at Wanna Be A Coach.  Details, fellowship, ideas and success stories will be shared.  The seminar is Free and will be available in Webcast or conference call format.  Click here for upcoming dates & times.

In this seminar, you will learn the following:

  • Why Coaching
  • What is Coaching
  • What Coaching is not
  • Who is Intl ComePassion Coach Institute
  • When can I become a Coach
  • How can I get started
  • PLUS Experiential explore what a coaching business would be like for you

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