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Wellness/Fitness/Life Coaching

Welcome to The Innergized Life!


~an engaging healthy lifestyle community experience with a Life Coach, Fitness Trainer, Wellness Specialist & Motivational Teacher!  This program is the most dynamic, well rounded training resource available today.

Tina Pulley
Tina has been training individuals and groups for over 20 years. Certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Group Fitness Instructor & specialized Health degrees. The combination of credentials and life experience should give you the confidence that you will be in a safe, inclusive, converting, healing environment where you will find hope, feel love, and not only seek a facade of short term success but experience long lasting significance & sustainable lifestyle choices.

We all suffer from life, work & fitness information overload.  What is my purpose?  What is the best diet?  What is the best workout?  How do I get it all done?  When will it all be balanced?  How do I keep going?  All of that is important right.  Of course.  However, we  forget one BIG thing…what worked for someone else might not work for you.  It is time for you to allow yourself to discover & implement what does work for you!  Here, we focus on the basics in a safe, simple environment.  We dig down deep and find out what you want and what works best for you.  Feel good about yourself and start living the life you desire!

Coaching Wellness/Fitness/Life

An ENTIRE 12 months life, fitness & wellness coaching PLUS personal trainer & personalized nutrition, wellness and fitness instruction for $300.  If you get started by December 31, 2015 you won’t pay $300…you will pay only $180 for the entire YEAR for everything!!  

  A new group will be starting together December 31st so make your reservation now.  

It will sell out at this low price so save the money & get started now.

What do you get for $180?

NEW TRAINING Every single MONTH to include: *DETAILS BELOW

*Fitness Day Live online Q&A

*Live Well Webinar

*Innergized Podcast

*Innergizing Fitness Workout Videos

*Community Pep Rally & Forum

*FITT Groups (Focused Innergized Team Training)

*Over 100 hours of Health/Wellness/Medical Expert audio interviews 

*Proven Lifestyle Coaching assignments

*One on One Coaching

*Be Innergized Book Club

*2 day Intensive ComePassion Academy

*Pre & Post Program

*PLUS Bonus Items to include Expert discounts, Pedometer & Instant Access to a group on a mission

**Each month is strategically designed to move your through a curriculum based fitness, wellness, lifestyle coaching program that will change the rest of your life & will design a sustainable personalized healthy lifestyle for you!  It is a proven purposeful, scaleable method for you to see desired results.

Tinas’ simplistic, dynamic, inspiring approach to living out a healthy lifestyle will inspire & keep you motivated on the edge of your seat to keep going!  Click here to become a member.


Tina has been a Certified Fitness Instructor & Trainer for over 20 years!  She has taught, certified, trained nearly every style of fitness & she enjoys them all.  With that, you will learn the basics & excel at variety of fitness exercises available PLUS some of Tinas’ secrets.  Whether you have not worked out ever or your are an elite athlete or body builder, you will find value & experience results from the Innergizing Fitness Workout Videos.

Fitness Expert, Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer for over 20 years!
Some of the personalized instruction videos include:
*Workout Safety
*Total Body Conditioning
*Innergize Your Stride walking program
*Functional Fitness


*Facial Fitness
*5 exercises in 5 minutes
*At home workouts
*Quick, effective 5-30 min workouts
*Kick Boxing
*Strength Training
*Cardio Training
*Cardio Machine Training
*Specialized Fat Melting Program
*Build Lean Muscle without or with the bulk
*Interval Training.
PLUS New releases that have never been released!  These instructional videos will lead to a lose weight, get fit, build muscle, shave time off your 5K…whatever your goal…you will accomplish it all here!!  You will learn to simplify getting and staying healthy by discovering & designing the PERFECT exercise program for your lifestyle, your body wants & needs, your time!

5 Exercises 5 Minutes

Tina is here to motivate, inspire and encourage you!!  And share secrets she has learned over the last 25 years in Fitness, Wellness & Personal Growth.

This program will:

  • simplify what staying & getting healthy mean for your long term success
  • give you clarity on a healthy lifestyle that will work for your life
  • learn at your own pace in the comforts of your home
  • training is digitally delivered so you can do it anytime, anyplace
  • make it easier for you to stick to your plan this time
  • help you lose weight, get fit, gain muscle, get more energy, fulfill whatever you desire
  • design an eating plan that you love, YES love, & works for you
  • give you the tools to accomplish anything in life you want
  • keep it simple, fun, encouraging & inspiring

Not only a Motivational Teacher & Fitness Expert…

she is also…Final Headshot

Health & Wellness Expert, MHE, specialized nutrition certification, B.S. degree in Wellness, certified health coach that specializes in simplifying life, health & fitness!
*Begins with a thorough Wellness Testing, Assessment & Planning Process
*Find Time for a healthy life
*Time Management
*Importance of your Bodies Core
*Specialized Back Care
*Joint Rejuvenation Techniques
*Heart Health & why it matters
*Heart Rate Specifications – resting & working
*Learn your specific Workout Intensity & why it matters
*Know your Ideal Body Weight
*Stress Relief
*Healthy hair, nails & skin that are perfect on you
*Eat for your blood type
*Exercise for you body type
*Healthy Eating
*Lose Weight/Build Muscle/Tone Up
*Eat Clean
*Eat Raw & Organic
*Grocery Store Tours
*Shopping Lists made simple
*Master Food Prep
*Food Labels simplified
*Vital Vitamins
*Minerals that Matter!
*Get More Energy
*Increase your Mental Alertness, Clarity & Focus
*Dress for Success to look & feel your best
*Learn to Dress for your body type
*Learn to love your body & you
*Gain Body/Self Image Confidence
*Let Go of whatever keeps you stuck or from excelling
*Align your goals with life
*Create a Healthy Lifestyle Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs for your life
You will discover a personalized healthy prescription for your life that will be sustainable!
Wellness Expert
Certified Life Coach & Professional Motivational Speaker with over 10,000 hours of coaching!
You will receive:
*1on1 coaching
*Life Coaching Workbooks
*Book recommendations & discussion groups
*Daily accountability
*Weigh ins
*2 week goal setting logs
*Food Journal
*Lifestyle Journal
*Healthy Lifestyle Assessment
*Monthly review & goal setting
Tinas’ goal is to not only help you set goals but to help you find simple ways to live them out!  You will discover a sustainable personalized healthy lifestyle vision for your life!
Tina PulleyHow it works?
The community works on your timeframe & is set up for you to work through a Wellness & Fitness Program series each month.  Each month, I will provide a detailed suggested curriculum guide for you to follow.  You can work it over the 12 months or faster if you prefer.  If you want to set a 90 day, 6 month or 12 month program, you will accomplish your sustainable health goals.  Each month, you will receive an outline of the month.  You get to decide what you complete & how fast you do it.  It will include a new Wellness topic, fitness video series, expert panel, discounts of specialty expert services, webinars, will open up to you.  There will be a schedule of events each month for Fitness Day, Expert Panel, Be Well Webinar, Pep Rally, Book club meet up and Live Q&A with me.    Upon level completion, you will have the opportunity to gain free stuff, discounts, metals & certifications to teach with me!  Please know that levels does not mean weight loss or muscle gain it simply meansPro Cheerleader that you are engaging and completing the Life/Wellness Coaching work.  I want to know that you are working the program.  As you move through the program, you earn 1 on 1 Personal Life Coaching Sessions with me. :)
 So, don’t wait any longer sign up now.  I can’t wait to work together~ This community is my proudest piece of work of my life.  I have been extremely intentional to design it to be purposeful, scaleable & affordable for you.  I have been dreaming about offering this program for years.  With that, this is one of my life goals that I get to share with you!!  I am so honored & thrilled to spend time together.
Go ahead & sign up now :)
In the meantime, create an awesome day!
Tina Pulley

Coaching Wellness/Fitness/Life

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