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Get Mapped!

Get Mapped Assessment


Congratulations on your choice to participate in “Getting Mapped”. By doing so, you are participating in a process which will lead to a healthier, happier you.

This assessment was designed to provide you with information about wellness and to give you clarity on specific areas of wellness levels in your own life. Allow this information to assist you in making daily intentional choices & guide your overall wellness.

The National Wellness Institute breaks wellness into six dimensions. These dimensions are physical, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual. A detailed description of each dimension will be found at the conclusion of the assessment.

The six-dimensional model emphasizes the importance of creating a balance in the many different areas which make up your life. Each of these areas will have an affect on the other. They will inevitably dictate your overall wellness status. Each dimension provides you an opportunity for learning, making responsible decisions, and personal growth.

What is Wellness?

Wellness has been defined as the constant and deliberate effort to stay healthy and achieve the highest potential for well-being. The wellness concept goes well beyond the absence of disease and optimal physical fitness. It incorporates proper nutrition, smoking cessation, stress management, alcohol and drug abuse control, regular physical examinations, health education counseling, and environmental support. It is also known as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a higher level of health and well being. Wellness requires your active involvement and is not static.

Online Assessment

  1. I exercise at least three times a week for 20 minute sessions
  2. When I exercise, I monitor my heart rate.
  3. I approach exercise in a relaxed manner.
  4. I have completed a health fitness assessment in the last year.
  5. I prefer to exercise with others.
  6. I increase my exercise by walking, playing with friends &/or kids/grandkids whenever possible.
  7. I need a goal and accountability to get me exercising regularly.
  8. My exercise program includes an adequate amount of endurance, strength, and flexibility.
  9. I use stairs instead of elevators and escalators.
  10. When I exercise, I prefer to take a class.
  1. When exercising, I break a sweat.
  2. I know my weight requirements and live within my limits.
  3. I shop with a list.
  4. I eat a minimum of three meals daily.
  5. I eat fruit and vegetables fresh and uncooked.
  6. I intentionally include fiber in my diet on a daily basis.
  7. I drink 6-8 glasses of water in my daily life.
  8. I plan my diet to insure an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals.
  9. I minimize foods in my diet that are processed.
  10. I understand the health benefit of the foods that I purchase.
  1. I maintain an up-to-date immunization record.
  2. I examine my breasts or testes on a monthly basis for preventive health reasons.
  3. When I’m experiencing illness or injury, I take necessary steps to correct the problem.
  4. I brush my teeth and floss daily.
  5. I am satisfied with my energy level throughout the day.
  6. I am aware of family history of disease and health issues and make lifestyle decisions accordingly.
  7. I take time for me.
  8. I keep my cholesterol level, high density lipids and triglycerides in a range that minimizes my chances of disease.
  9. I have a blood chemistry analysis yearly.
  10. I know and complete medical testing requirements and/or suggestions for my age group.
  1. I get between 6-8 hrs of sleep per night.
  2. I set realistic objectives for myself.
  3. I do not ride with vehicle operators who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  4. I drive within the speed limit or traffic flow.
  5. I wear my seatbelt while driving or riding in a vehicle.
  6. Vehicles which I drive are maintained.
  7. I avoid tobacco products in my daily life.
  8. I drink 2 or fewer alcoholic drinks daily.
  9. I avoid using drugs or medications obtained from unlicensed sources.
  10. I consider alternatives to drugs or medications that might be used to promote health.
  1. I follow the instructions provided with any prescription drug I take.
  2. When I see a safety hazard, I take action (warn others or correct the problem).
  3. I take steps to conserve environmental energy in all areas of my life.
  4. I contribute to the feeling of acceptance within my family.
  5. I share personal issues with a close few.
  6. I contribute time and/or money to community projects.
  7. I use my creativity in constructive ways.
  8. My behavior reflects fairness and justice.
  9. I put trash in appropriate containers.
  10. I do my part to promote clean air.
  1. I actively listen with my eyes, ears and body language.
  2. I feel positive and good about myself.
  3. I laugh a lot.
  4. I make decisions with a minimum of stress and worry.
  5. There is an appropriate amount of time urgency in my daily routine.
  6. I include relaxation time as part of my daily routine.
  7. I can relax my body and mind (without using drugs).
  8. I can accept the various feelings I experience (mad, glad, sad, frightened).
  9. I expand my mind to learn other points of view.
  10. I make an effort to maintain and improve my verbal, non verbal and written communication skills.
  1. I am satisfied with the entertainment choices I make.
  2. I carefully select my movies and television choices.
  3. I maintain a continuing education program relative to my career and/or interests.
  4. I am satisfied with the amount and variety I read.
  5. I debate subjects – not argue them – in a controlled, courteous manner.
  6. I have a fear of failure.
  7. My work is fulfilling.
  8. My work challenges me.
  9. I look forward to going to work.
  10. I am satisfied with the balance between my work and life.
  1. To the extent that I can, I create an environment which minimizes my stress.
  2. My values guide my daily life.
  3. Vision and values are aligned in my life.




  • 315-365 true north direction headed for total fulfillment
  • 245-314 on course for wellness yet need more convincing to take a turn
  • 215-264 there are more effective & efficient directions are available to help you reach your designation
  • 214 & lower possibly time to re-chart your course


The emotional dimension emphasizes an awareness and acceptance of your feelings. Feelings are validated, affirmed but not necessarily obeyed. Emotional wellness includes the degree to which you feel positive and enthusiastic about your self and life. It includes the capacity to manage feelings and relate behaviors including the realistic assessment of your limitations, development of autonomy, and ability to cope effectively with stress. The emotionally well person maintains satisfying relationships with others.


The physical dimension encourages cardiovascular endurance, body composition, muscular flexibility, endurance and strength and also encourages regular physical activity. Physical development encourages knowledge about food and nutrition and discourages the use of tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption. It encourages activities which contribute to high level wellness, including medical self care and appropriate use of the medical system.


The social dimension encourages contributing to your human and physical environment for the common welfare of your community. It emphasizes the interdependence with others and nature. It also includes the pursuit of harmony within your family.


The occupational dimension involves preparing for work in which you will gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in your life through work. Occupational development is related to your attitude about your work.


The intellectual dimension encourages creative, stimulating mental activities. One uses the resources available to expand knowledge, improve skills, and increase the potential for sharing with others.


The spiritual dimension involves seeking meaning and purpose in human existence. It includes the development of a deep appreciation for the depth. It also involves developing a strong sense of personal values and ethics.

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