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Living out your strengths

Living strengths your outHave you ever spent time around someone that continues to remind you of what is wrong with you?  Is that person you?  Today, we are going to explore what life would be like and a few simple steps to stop obsessing about your weaknesses and start building on your strengths.

One of the first steps is to acknowledge and embrace your strengths.  Many people are wired to find flaws.  Our culture is almost set up to encourage that type of thinking.  We are bombarded with being our best in all areas of life such as business, our body, family, time, you name it you can find something that will help you fix it.  I want to challenge you to begin to think differently by dropping the movement to improving your life from focusing on changing your weaknesses to building on your strengths.

Building on your unique strengths rather than fixing your weakness will allow your life to improve in an easier and more authentic way.  Some people are amazed to realize that there is more power in being imperfect than working for perfection.  Especially as you identify and allow your unique strengths to build on your weaknesses.

I am not suggesting that we ignore our weaknesses rather an awareness is what will assist you in discovering your unique strengths and desires for life.  Focus on weakness rather than strength can work but has found to be less effective.  Ignoring weakness completely can be detrimental to life, family, work.  However, there is no reason to continue to tear yourself down, allow someone else to, or live with the feeling of changing you.  You matter!

Learning to speak life to others and yourself is a key to living the life you desire.  Writing these words, strengths and character traits that you embody is a key to developing a foundation or spring board if you will to finding sustainable healthy lifestyle.  Once you write it down, it is yours, no one can take it from you.  Coaching will lead you toward defining and discovering this foundation for your life.  If you have done something like this in the past and have it written down somewhere, I suggest you get it out, review it and say it outloud.  Begin building your confidence by using only words that strengthen you and others.  Today, commit to speaking well to yourself and others.

Consider your biggest goal or challenge present in your life now.  In what way could you use your strengths, at least one of them to live out your goal, find success or get past this roadblock in your life?

To learn more about living out your strengths, tune into Ongoing Motivation every Thursday.  Click here to learn more.

In the meantime, create an awesome day!



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