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Simple, Quick, Effective way to Strenghten your Core

Simple, Quick, Effective way to Strengthen Your Core

Core to Quick, your Simple, Effective way Strenghten

We all can use some extra core strengthening. This will assist with posture, back protection, overall health, working the muscles inside, a flat tummy, and some extra breathing. This can lead to you holding in you tummy, protecting your back, appearing slimmer, and more relaxed naturally. There is a high probability that you spend some time in your car everyday. Possibly sitting at stoplights, in traffic, waiting on others or just taking a break. The next time you are in your car, try some core strengthening exercises.

Exercise How To?

Sit up straight. Tuck your tailbone under slightly. Shoulders back and down. Breathe in while contracting your stomach muscles, squeezing your butt, and relaxing the rest of your body to include your face.

How long?

Hold for the count of 10. Exhale and relax your tummy.

How many?

Continue at least 5 times. During the exercise, allow yourself to breathe deeply.

How you will feel?

You will feel stronger and revitalized as you arrive at your destination.

This is a tidbit that my mom taught me when I was a little girl. Through the years, it has stuck with me. I have taught my kids and family. It has helped me maintain a strong core through three pregnancies, a flat tummy, and a strong healthy back and core. Try it, teach others, and head toward a stronger core.

Your muscles and body will get used to working and holding you up.  This will lead to better posture even when you are not trying.  Overtime, this will avoid poor posture, spinal & back issues, looking and feeling better,  and improved self confidence.

I will keep sharing tidbits.  You pick which ones you like. Implement those. Keep me posted.

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