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The Balancing Act of Life

Life Balance

Balancing Life??

I am so busy!  Have you ever heard those words.  It seems as though they are a given.  Almost as if, it is programmed into people to say these words and be disconnected to what is really going on in life.  Then, there are some that, in the same breathe, say well that is a good thing right.  But truly is it?  And what in the world does busy mean anyway.

The one foundation that I choose to stand on in this area is that anytime I feel led to say that, it means that I am headed down a familiar path, something is just not right, something is not working fully in my life, something is definitely out of balance.  Let’s talk about that word balance.  Believe me, I am using that word with not much credibility.  You see, the word balance is a way overused term.  For starters, balance means something different to everyone depending on what they have to balance.  Then, we have to realize that once we get our lives in balance, tomorrow life happens. Everyday brings new people, new thoughts, new phone calls, new cars passing you, new joys, new issues, kids grow, bills come, paychecks get paid, health wavers, health improves, and on and on.  So, if we are going for balance, what will that look like.

The facade becomes I will start when I am not so busy, I will start getting healthy, spending more time with kids, taking a vacation, spend 5 minutes calling a friend.  Once busyness slows, we will fill it with something else.  What?!  When does it all slow, when will we stop conquering down, running from self talk, avoiding conflict, stop being sick and tired of being sick and tired.  It slows when a choice is made.  It is time to make that choice.

As we begin to understand that balance is not about being perfect, things slowing down, or anything like we think it will look.  The balancing act of life is life itself.  Begin to allow yourself freedom to live, love and learn from every moment.  Embrace it all rather than repel it all.  A lot of the busyness in life is self created.  One of the biggest causes of stress is lack of control.  When we feel like we have no control over our situation, we can feel stuck and totally stressed out.

If you begin doing just one thing now, determine what situations you are in control of in your life.  Seriously.  Take control.  Start small.  Choose your thoughts.  Choose your words.

Begin by saying something besides I am busy.  What will your new words be?

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