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Why we do it? We all suffer from training overload. What’s the latest training? What’s the latest implementation process? We have all gone to incredible training sessions and walked away with great ideas and intentions. Have you tried to implement several new principles learned only to find yourself burned out and unable to maintain the success you were promised? Fact is, it is all about you. We don’t need all of that. We focus on the basics in a safe, simple, motivating environment. We dig down deep and find out what you want and what works best for you. Because in the end, we just want you to be successful and find congruency between business, life, and health.

Speaking in front of groups has been a part of Tina’s life since she was 3 years old. She has found joy in bringing an audience to their feet cheering, to tears, to finding truth, a call to action and much more. With expertise in a vast array of wellness, Tina brings a new light to personal, health and company breakthrough. While specializing in curriculum-based teaching and an experiential, holistic approach to life, business & wellness, her talks focus on seeking, finding, and living out prosperity and a clear conscious. She is well known for her high energy from the platform and the dramatic results her programs inspire.

All programs are available for a corporate setting, church, fitness center, seminar events, keynotes or other community organizations. If you are looking for more than a motivational speaker but truly a catalyst… Tina will be your best choice. Most presentations offer CEUs for specific professional organizations. Presentations will be tailored to address your specific goals and time frame availability. Events can be designed to include team building exercises through the use of ground-breaking learning challenge courses and experiential exercises. Sessions range from one hour to 12 months. Costs range depending upon your needs and desired outcome.

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