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Training Specific Series

    The Course Includes:

    • The course begins with a Survery, Get Mapped© Assessment, and a Questionaire
    • 4 hour live teaching
    • 4 weeks of follow up via 20 minute webcast with homework, reading and challenging implentation stategies
    • 1 – 30 minute One-on-One coaching session per individual
    • 1 hour live teaching concludes with a progress prescription

Click the titles below to learn more about each program topic.

Innergize Your Life

Specific Series TrainingThis program focuses on work/life balance and sustainable healthy lifestyle choices. Many times in life, we can get caught up in the rat race. It can be a good rat race however, it can be holding us hostage from greatness. You see it is not so much the difference between good and bad. Here you might find yourself saying, “I don’t have time to workout” or “I have been so tired lately.” The difference maker here is identified as the difference between good and great. In this process, we will cover time, relationships, work, money, joy, fitness, health and fun. You will walk away with some new found energy, clarity among daily roles of life, and practical tips to stay on track.

Navigating Visionary Influence

Training Specific SeriesThis program is designed to link the vision of the company or the vision of your life and create teamwork throughout an organization. It does not matter if you are a CEO, a small business owner, sales agent, stay at home mom, employee, or a student, you are the leader of your life. Everyone is a leader. You are either influencing others or you are being influenced. Leadership principles taught, simplified, and integrated. You will walk away with revitalized, congruent leadership insight for work and life.

Take Back Your Time

Training Series SpecificHave you ever said, I am so busy! This program will help you discover that extra hour of the day you have been asking for your whole life. This is not a time management course. This course is a discover your own way and now make it work practically course. This program focuses on today because the decision that you make today will determine your tomorrow. In this coaching intensive, you will discover the map you have chosen or that has chosen you, where it is taking you and then discover where you really want to be spending your time. All successful people have over 100 goals they are working on at one time. Truly successful people make these goals slaves to them rather than being slaves to the goals. Get time figured out and find more time to live your life & get more done.

Grow Your Business

Specific Series TrainingThis program is designed to identify and define your core business principles. Learn 5 easy steps to the BAM approach to setting clear goals. You will create or redefine a business vision, mission, values, bring it into congruency with other roles, create or refine business planning This program will help you gain a new perspective into familiar roads away from consistent production, positive outlook, and work/life success specifically for sales people, teams, and business owners. Sometimes this road can cross a road of success, find out the how to’s for discovering your own process of knowing where your successful road ends and the other begins.

Dress For Success

Series Training SpecificThis program will begin to shape the minds and office moral for success. From attire to healthy self image from merely setting goals to believe, achieve, and measure them. Everyone wants to be dressed appropriately for every occasion. This course will give your group the opportunity to explore from head to toe each occasion in detail. First impressions can be key in establishing relationships, developing business partners, feeling great, and making the sale. Don’t miss this one! It is for men and women both.

Off The Sidelines

Training Specific SeriesGetting off the Sidelines & Into the Game of Life!

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