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Yoga Power

Power Yoga

Powerful workouts

Yoga is my workout for Sunday morning. It feels so good while challenging my mind, body & spirit to recenter, stay alert, be 100% in the moment, & focus inward. If I can’t hold a pose, I know my mind has wandered. So, let it go and hold.

This pose in the picture is a called Warrior II.  It strengthens the legs, opens the hips and chest . Warrior II develops concentration, balance and groundedness. This pose improves circulation, respiration and energizes the entire body.  Each Yoga pose has benefits that will serve your mind, body and spirit inside & out.  I love that and feel a difference after my workout.

It is important to find an activity in your life that allows you to reconnect with yourself.  If you have not tried Yoga, I encourage you to give it a shot.  It might take several times before your mind frees and you experience the great benefits.

Some people think because they are not out of breath, sweating and high heart rate that it cant be doing anything.  Yoga will give your body more benefits than the things a normal workout brings.  Every body type and blood type requires a different type of exercise to achieve maximum benefits.  If you don’t know yours, we need to connect & make sure you are maximizing your workout or wanting to start.

Allowing yourself a balanced wellness program is key for finding a sustainable healthy lifestyle and living out a long, healthy, happy life.

For more details on developing a Yoga workout for you or sustainable health, join me on Innergized Podcast every Thursday at noon.  Click here for more details...

Also check out for programs that will help you create your own wellness program to meet your time, budget, body wants, and lifestyle.


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